Reiki energy healing is a technique of energy therapy that centers its effectiveness on the belief that the body can heal itself. The practice started in Japan, but during the 1940s, its introduction was made in North America and Europe continents. Everyone has different opinions on its effectiveness; some believe that it worked on them while others think it’s rather useless. Reiki is also translated to universal life energy. Since it is more spiritual than scientific and factual, the practitioners often explain that its effectiveness on a particular individual depends on the conviction that the client has on it.

Since we all have energies that gravitate around our bodies, the reiki technique focuses on transferring the energies from a practitioner to a client to either balance the client’s energies or promote their flow. It is stated that once our energies are stopped flowing continuously, illnesses will develop. Reiki isn’t restricted to a few illnesses; since the base is on the notion that our bodies can heal themselves, reiki can be used in any illnesses. However, most people seek reiki healers for diseases such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and depression.

The practitioners of this technique are based almost everywhere; for instance, they could be in some hospitals, and some in spas. People who have undergone this form of therapy have reported having felt some warn tingles around their body as the practitioner laid hands on them. Anyone who has never heard this form of therapy needs to know that the practitioner doesn’t have to lay their hands on their bodies; instead, their hands are always close to the client’s body.

As a result of reiki being unregulated, unlike other practices such as acupuncture and chiropractic care, it has different manifestations. Many tribes in Japan have various forms of reiki, and this could cause a bit of confusion. One always has to remember that reiki shouldn’t be used as the only form of treatment, meaning one should use it in conjunction with other types of treatment, preferably western medicine treatment.

Supporters of reiki energy healing, say that even though it lacks a scientific explanation, people shouldn’t negate its effectiveness. This explains since even scientists can’t tell the mechanisms of actions of all types of treatments and medications, such as antidepressants, also though they still use it. What’s more interesting is that some medical doctors recommend reiki energy healing to their patients. Some of them even go to the lengths of studying it to be practitioners. One of the doctors, who usually recommend this technique to her patients, said that reiki healing alleviates the psychosocial distress found in illnesses. Therefore, she noticed a significant improvement after they underwent the therapy. Reiki healing has its limits as it can cure diseases, but it improves the quality of life as it eases the pain, fatigue, and stress brought in by diseases. Perhaps, this effect that the reiki has on people is what brings people to it. The experience that one undergoes in a reiki healing session depends on the practitioner and them.